Please complete this form if you or someone in your home has been told to self-quarantine because of coronavirus (COVID-19) and you would like to receive food delivered to your home. Food Delivery is available in Benton, Carroll, Madison & Washington counties.

We will ask for your address and contact information in order to deliver food to your door. That information may be shared with our community partner organizations who may assist us with deliveries.

Benton and Washington County Requests received BEFORE 5:00 PM on 10/29/2020 will receive delivery on 10/31/2020 between 8:00 - 11:00 AM, and those received AFTER 5:00 PM on 10/29/2020 will receive delivery on 11/7/2020 between 8:00 - 11:00 AM. Madison and Carroll County requests received by 5:00 PM on Monday will receive delivery Tuesday through Friday.

Elan̄e kwoj aikuj bwe jen deliver ak bok waj mōn̄a nan mweo imwom, joij im kanne boom in n̄e emoj ba waj n̄an kwe ak juon iaan rimwemom rej aikuj quarantine ak pad wōt ilowaan mweo kin nan̄inmij in coronavirus (ak COVID19).

Jenej aikuji atōreej eo am kab nomba in telebon bwe jen maron̄ deliver ak bōk waj kijom mōn̄a n̄an turin kejem eo am. Kem nej lelak information/melele kein am n̄an jet iaan droloul ko kem ej partner ibbeir bwe ren bar jiban̄ deliver mōn̄a.

Aolep ro im raar letok aer kajitok ak request ikijjen mōn̄a, rej aikuj ba tok mokta jen 5 awa jota ilo 10/29/2020 bwe ren maron̄ deliver/ak bok waj ilo 10/31/2020 ikotaan 8:00 awa jibbon̄ n̄an 11:00 awa raelep. Ak aolep ro raar letok aer request ak aikuj ikijjen mōn̄a elikin 5 awa jota ilo 10/29/2020, renaaj receive i mōn̄a ko kijier ilo 11/7/2020 ikōtaan 8:00 awa jibbon̄ lok n̄an 11:00 awa raelep.

Por favor complete este formulario si a usted o a alguien en su hogar se le ha dicho que se ponga en cuarentena debido al coronavirus (COVID-19) y le gustaría recibir alimentos entregados a su hogar. La entrega de alimentos está disponible en los condados de Benton, Carroll, Madison y Washington.

Le pediremos su domicilio e información de contacto para entregar alimentos a su puerta. Esa información se puede compartir con nuestras organizaciones comunitarias asociadas, quienes nos ayudan con las entregas

Las solicitudes de los condados de Benton y Washington recibidas ANTES de las 5:00pm de 10/29/2020 se entregarán en 10/31/2020 entre las 8:00am y las 11:00am, y esas recibidas DESPUÉS de las 5:00pm de 10/29/2020 se entregarán en 11/7/2020 entre las 8:00am y las 11:00am. Las solicitudes de los condados de Madison y Carroll recibidas antes de las 5:00pm del lunes se entregarán de martes a viernes.

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