Below is an INBRE Travel Award application for the 2019 Southeast Regional IDeA Conference November 6-8, 2019.  The conference is hosted by the IDeA Programs (INBRE & COBRE) of Kentucky and will be held in the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY.

Registration is now open .

We have a limited number of Travel Awards available to attend this conference and they will be awarded on a first-come basis.

All Travel Awards will be awarded on a reimbursement basis. The traveler will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements. Following the conference, all receipts along with a spreadsheet totaling the expenses for reimbursement up to $1,600 for faculty and mentors and $1,000 for undergraduate and graduate students is to be submitted to the INBRE Office for reimbursement.

Please note that UAMS has to follow Arkansas State travel policies, so we want you to be aware of the following:

  1. The state of Arkansas does not allow for flat reimbursements based on per diem rates, only actual expenses within the Federal Per Diem rates will be reimbursable.
  2. Mileage is reimbursed at the state rate of .42/mile and mileage reimbursement cannot exceed the cost of an airplane ticket to the destination.
  3. The detailed meal receipts along with the signed credit card slips are required for reimbursement on all credit card purchases.
  4. Alcohol and entertainment are not allowable reimbursements.
  5. Gratuities (tips) on meals will only be reimbursed up to 15% as long as the total of the meal and the gratuity do not exceed the Federal Per Diem amount for the meal.
  6. The Federal Per Diem rate for Louisville, KY is $45.75 for the first and last day of travel and $61/day ($14 breakfast; $16 lunch; $26 dinner; $5 incidentals). However, if the conference provides a meal, the per diem for the meal will be deducted from your total allowable for the day. For example, if the conference provides breakfast, your per diem for the remainder of the day is $42.00. Reimbursement for the individual meals cannot exceed per diem rate for that meal.
  7. All invoices for reimbursement must be submitted by your home institution.
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