Faculty Research Enhancement (FRE) Awards

Faculty Research Enhancement (FRE) Awards are designed for UAMS faculty who wish to engage in a short-term activity in order to strengthen or enhance their research capabilities with the goal of increasing competitiveness for extramural funding. This award is contingent upon approval by the appropriate department administrative policies Examples of activities that will be considered for support through the FRE Award mechanism include, but are not limited to:

  • Participation in a structured workshop (e.g., hands-on-training workshops for researchers offered by Bio-TRAC)
  • A visit to another university, research institute, pharmaceutical company to learn a new technique, methodology or to analyze data

Eligible applicants must be UAMS faculty at the level of assistant professor or higher. Applicants can request up to $7,000 to support the activity. Allowable expenses include transportation costs, accommodations/lodging, meals, registration, supplies and facility fees.

Applications should be submitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and will be reviewed by the UAMS Research Committee. Once approved, the faculty applicant will make all arrangements for the activity through their departmental administration. Travel must be approved by your Chair and all awardees must follow UAMS Travel guidelines.

Questions about FRE Awards should be directed to Andrea McBryde, Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Research (AMcbryde2@uams.edu, 501.686.5347).

FRE awards are limited to one per faculty every three years.

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